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A little story about Testing...

Today I’m gonna narrate a little story…not my usual kind of post I know. But at least let me try my luck as a story teller.

Once upon a time (imagine me to be an old bear or a hermit or anything telling you the story) there was company named Vigilant Technology Solutions (we will refer to it as VTS). It had its recruitment drive going on and it picked up a few lads it thought to be intelligent.  It had a training program designed for them so it admitted them to the training program. Thus started the journey of the 33 odd people who never knew each other before and now were about to become friends (somewhat).
Their first meeting was at Room 13 in Vigilant Academy (that’s what they call their training wing). Everyone had a strange look upon their face, curiosity, fear, skepticism all mixed into one common emotion.  Slowly they started making friends with each other, stated expanding their branches and soon 7 khoon Maaf,n0tti,Achilles,Icegal and two other persons combined made a little team of their own. Soon watching this everyone started mixing with each other and within 2,3 days it was becoming quite  friendly group. But alas this was not what VTS had in store for them. Soon one evening Mr. Brightwhite (that’s their vts academy rep.) assembled them in one room and divided them into two groups according to technology. One with CSP and another Testing. Or by the name what they will be called later is csp-004 and Testing 10. Our story will primarily revolve around testing 10 with a pinch of salt and pepper from csp-004.
Testing 10 wasn’t only comprised of the people we have been introduced till now, it was merged with another group from another room. But they had no problem getting mixed up with this one. And this began the journey of testing 10. The students were at first very depressed at getting testing and further more depressed to see that they hardly did any classes while others always seemed to be running for more time to study. But they soon found a way to cope up with it. One fine morning sitting in the class waiting for the missing teacher to arrive (just like always) Chagolchana,Chut-ku,young and moving ahead decided it’s time to move ahead and prepare for some action. So they installed counter strike in their pc. When they started fiddling with it soon more players started emerging and very soon, almost within a day a stable team of fiddlers were formed comprising of Chut-ku,n0tti,7koon maaf,ChagolChana,Moving ahead,young,khoka babu,tiger,honda and Achilies. They were quite happy with their lineup and CS became their second reason to stay at the academy. Hey thought this was just a stop-gap, but they were wrong. Soon they started getting participation from most of the class starting with Icegal,their first girl scout then frag,boudi,atikur rehman,anything,nothing,jhingalala,S,vishiiiii t name a few. Of course there were always a few dedicated persons always vouching for study and classes who made the class look solid in front of teachers. Retina,Sen mohashoy architect were such persons.
So testing 10 was bidding their time away in quite a style. Until two events took place. One was “Feathers”. Feathers was a social event of VTS for their trainees. Everyone had to participate in it and they had a small range of events in it. A few of the above mentioned ones got involved in it. Chagolchana was given the responsibility of organizing Quiz, Icegal had to take care of Rangoli and n0tti dance. Also this gave birth to a band comprising of n0tti and 7 khoon maaf along with a few enthusiastic persons from other groups and csp004. They like to call it postcogs. They had a terrific performance out there and got everyone on their feet. That day was spent in fun but the next day they had their “Privileged” session. They had to present an idea like a story or presentation in a group effort. To top it all a group was made of tiger,young,chut-ku,chagolchana,moving ahead and as usual they had nothing prepared. So that morning was a blur for all of them. They fought scratched each other, chased after wild ideas and finally gave the presentation which they thought later was appreciated.
Among these events small “repeat order and knock out” events were regular in their life. Chut-ku being the main hero in these with khoka babu playing the side role. Sometimes “baghini” would also enter the scene…but that’s another story.
This was fine until one day they were told that they had to take their exit tests and they will soon be moved out of their academy to their real business unit. It came like such a shock for them. The tests were fine by them as they fared better than most of the other batches in the academy by not even reading half like they do. But they had soooo much other plans, plans like total “Vigilant” domination in terms of CS (mean while they already defeated aj-019 in a 12-0 match and other ones didn’t dare to challenge them). So they thought of pleading if they can take the last test after sometime which will allow them some more time in academy. That was initially ok with Brightwhite but later he said it can’t be done. Tomorrow is their last day in academy and they are in high spirit to make as fun filled as they have made all these days.

This is their story till now…this story is not finished as I said earlier. If anyone of you know how the end of it is going to go then please do comment.
If you think its crap then move on. I’m sure you can find something of your interest in Google.

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